18 Camping Adventure Products You Need For Your Next Fly Fishing Trip!

18 Camping Adventure Products You Need For Your Next Fly Fishing Trip!

With the world adjusting to life in the post-COVID-19 Pandemic landscape, people are looking for an escape from a year of being cooped up in their houses. Following CDC guidelines for camping, people are looking to go out on their next outdoor adventure and finally get some time with nature. Fly fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities out there in the post-pandemic world, and going out on a fly fishing trip is more than just about having a tent and fishing equipment. We here at the Big Aroha specialize in providing adventurers with quality outdoor adventure products to make your trip that much better. 

There are plenty of specialized products that you should take on your next fly fishing trip, and we are here to let you know the essential outdoor camping products you need to have. Our mission is to be the premier destination for fly fishing camping products online and ensure that you have the best trip possible. Being a specialist in outdoor camping products, the Big Aroha team knows all there is to know about quality camping products. So we created a list of 18 of the essential items to have in your fly fishing trip. Without further ado, let's check them out!

Running Shoes

If you are going camping, then you will need a pair of versatile running or hiking shoes. That's a given. And one of the best options out there is Tecnica's in-store custom-fit Forge hiking boot. Named "Plasma," this low-cut cut hiking boot has Tecnica's heat molding tech integrated within the design, making it one of the must-have outdoor camping products in 2021. The Origin series is something you can consider if you are looking for something that provides quality and is durable. It has a footbed and upper that can easily be molded using an in-store process that takes around 15 minutes. 

GPS & Navigation

No camping trip is complete without the proper GPS & Navigation tools. Without these, you most probably will get lost. The best lakes and the wilderness are usually in places where cell service is low. Having specialized equipment will help you find your way back and help you discover the best places to fly fishing in the area. We recommend you go with the following choices:

GPS Tracker - With A Twin Magnet Case

With a reported battery life of up to 2-weeks at the default 1-minute update setting, this is a quality outdoor product that provides Accurate, Discreet, Real-Time GPS reading and comes with a robust twin magnet case. This GPS Tracker allows you to track your vehicle, machinery, valuables, and loved ones' live 24/7 with intuitive state-of-the-art tracking software. 

What makes it such a valuable outdoor adventure tool is the subscription. You get all the features, no contracts, no hidden fees, and a free upgrade to a 10-second report frequency for only 19.95 dollars a month. Plus, you can cancel anytime you want without question. Make your next outdoor adventure safer with this state-of-the-art GPS tracker!

GPS Tracker - With High Accuracy

Getting a GPS tracker is essential but getting one that can provide readings with 16-32 feet accuracy is magnificent. It takes the worry out of your fly fishing trip, and you can dedicate your entire time relaxing and planning what flies to use the next day. This GPS tracker provides you with real-time Tracking GPS/LBS multiple mode positioning that delivers real-time tracking through its free website or mobile app. You can get highly accurate GPS coordinates within 16-32 feet and have the data provided to you via SMS if need be. 

It comes with Anti Theft Alerts & Smart Notifications Revolutionary technology that works both indoors and outdoors. You can set up a Geo-fence zone, and when the tracker crosses the area, you will get real-time alerts about its whereabouts. The tracker comes with a wide variety of alerts and notifications to ensure you know everything and that you are on top of every situation. You will be receiving everything from low battery, speeding, and start moving alerts to 180-day history reports on speed, time stamps, and map routes, making it one of the essential outdoor products you can take on your next fly fishing trip. 

Travel Tripod

When you are going outdoors, you will not just live the experience you want to capture, and that extra bit of stabilization will come from a high-quality tripod. Peak Design is known for its excellent product line, where they take simple elements and elevate them to be the best in class. One of those is the Travel Tripod. There's plenty to love about the Travel Tripod. 

From its latches to extend the legs that it has instead of the troublesome twisting knobs to a single adjustment ring that releases the ball head to move in all directions, a quick-release button for mounting and removing a camera, and a built-in smartphone mount it makes capturing moments in the outdoors that much easier. Plus, it's smaller than most DSLR-capable travel tripods making it easy to fit into your bag without much hassle. So on your next fly fishing trip, consider getting the Travel Tripod!

Mobile Hotspots

Wherever we go, we need connectivity, and the modern adventurer takes the best inline mobile hotspot gadget available. With a mobile hotspot, you will be able to connect and share your experience from even the most remote parts of the wilderness, and this is why we've included them in our list of quality fly fishing camping trip products. Here are a couple of mobile hotspot options for you to consider:

Mighty Wireless Travel Router

The Mighty Wireless Travel Router is one of the finest adventure products in the market, and it covers more than 150+ countries worldwide. It supports 29-Band 4G network frequency allowing you to connect to a local network from anywhere seamlessly. Upon activation, you will get US 50GB 4G LTE Data for 30- days with a reduced speed of 128kbps after the 50GB is used up. 

It also gives users free 3GB Global data for 30-days. Remember to activate the device on the website to get the full range of its capabilities. Download the Mighty wifi Mobile App from either PlayStore or the AppStore and have complete control over your device. Track your data usage and instantly recharge on the go. It's perfect for those trips with your fly fishing buddies, as you can connect to 5 devices at a time. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Mighty Wireless Travel Router right now!

Single Device International 4G LTE Mobile wifi Hotspot

Your data and device are always at risk when you connect to dodgy networks. So get rid of that risk and avoid connecting to a crowded cafe or risky networks on your trip. Get the Single Device International 4G LTE Mobile wifi Hotspot and stay connected domestically and globally with your personal and reliable mobile data network. 

This mobile hotspot device is one of the best-selling camping products out there. It lets you operate in top destinations like Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. It's best for people who like to travel light as it only weighs 5.5oz. You can connect up to 10 devices at a time with a flexible data plan service that allows you to buy service by the Day, Month, Region, or GB. So check it out for your next camping trip!

Oru's Kayak Inlet

Oru's kayaks have been making headlines in recent times as the perfect kayak for people living in small apartments. From the mind of Anton Willis came the idea for the most accessible kayak in the market, and it has fast established itself as a quality outdoor adventure product for camping and fly fishing enthusiasts. Oru currently has four different models, but the Inlet takes the cake as the best of the bunch. It turns from a box to a boat in no time with Oru's new folding pattern making it easier to assemble as well. Starting at 899 dollars, The Inlet is one of the most affordable options for modern-day adventurers to check out when planning their next trip.

Doggy Outdoor Essentials

If you are anything like us, then you know that the best companion for your fly fishing trip is your pet dog. They are a man's best friend, and they make the trip so much better than traveling alone. However, you can't just take the dog willy nilly. You need doggy outdoor essential camping and adventure products to ensure the best time for you and your four-legged companion. Here are some things you should include in your list of quality adventure products to get for the next fly fishing trip. Check them out:

The Unique Dog Travel Bag

The Unique Dog Travel Bag

The Unique Dog Travel Bag is the perfect all-in-one system for your dog that you need to take on your next trip. It comes with a dog luggage bag, first aid bag (only the bag), dog elevated bowl stand, 2X food storage containers, and 2X dog stainless steel bowls. It will take care of all the essentials you need to keep your canine companion happy on the trip, with ample space for everything. The travel bag has 23L of space, meaning you can store all the favorite treats your dog likes when going on a trip, and the bags are well-insulated to keep everything fresh inside. 

It's the perfect travel bag for small-to-medium-sized dogs (10lb~55lb), and the elevated bowl is adjustable as well to ensure comfort. What provides the quality of the product is the "99% Risk-Free Guarantee." The Unique Dog offers a manufacturer's 30-day money-back guarantee with an additional 90 days free replacement warranty. Making this the perfect product to take on when traveling, overnight camping, hiking, or fly fishing!

Smart Dog Collar

When going on a fly fishing trip, you wouldn't want to keep your dog tied up. That would not be nice for you and your best friend. But letting your canine companion roam free might be a cause for worry, and to alleviate this sort of problem, we suggest you get a Smart Dog Collar. It's an essential outdoor camping product if you are traveling with your dog. The collar allows you to set custom geofences, meaning you will know if your dog is within the safe boundary that you have selected. This collar is perfect for dogs with a 15-21-inch neckline, plus it's water-resistant, so you can rest assured that you will still get updates even when your dog takes a quick dip in the water. 

Its innovative GPS and activity tracking allow you to know where and what your beloved pet is doing, while the two-way audio system will enable you to call them back to camp and reassure them that you are not with them. This product's quality shines through when going fly fishing deep in the wilderness, where it becomes easy to lose track of time and place. So be sure to check it out when going on your next trip!

Primus Firestick Stove

No one likes to carry big loads, and no one wants to bring anything big on their camping trips. We here at Big Aroha understand the need for a minimalist lifestyle, and that's why we've included the Primus Firestik Stove in this list of quality outdoor products you need. The Firestick Stove is a four-inch-long stove that weighs in at a mere 4 ounces. This is by far the sleekest canister stove that we've come across, and you will barely notice it when carrying it to the campsite. 

The Primus Firestick has a recessed burner to guard the flame, recessed air intake holes for maximum fuel efficiency, and wide pot supports to protect the flame against the wind. Don't go thinking that just because it's sleek, it won't give you the power you need. This sleek canister will provide you with 8,530 BTUs meaning you will do most of what you want. You get to choose between a regular steel type and a titanium sleeker and cooler looking and not to mention much lighter. So make sure you check it out.


We all love hammocks. They are relaxing and fun and make for the perfect place to rest after a long day of intense fly fishing. After lunch winding down on a hammock sipping a chilled drink is one of the highlights of your camping trip, but for that, you need the right hammock. We here at the Big Aroha have you covered there as well. Check out the following hammocks that you can take on your next outdoor adventure:

CovaCure Camping Hammock With Net

If you are looking for quality camping products online, then odds are you've come across this hammock. It's made out of high-quality 210T parachute nylon materials that are reliable and highly durable and can support up to 721lbs. This hammock is tear-resistant, breathable, and quick-drying. 

It also comes with two durable aluminum sand pegs and ultra-strong nylon straps with six adjustable loops making it a highly durable option. The hammock also protects against bugs as the holes in the nets were carefully created to keep bugs out. The Covacure camping hammock is perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, travel, emergency survival, and any other outdoor adventures you've got planned!

Hammock Camp Collections

One of the most affordable hammock options out there. The Hammock Camp hammocks are perfect for those who tend to go on trips rarely. Its made out of 210T Parachute grade nylon and support up to 500lbs. The hammock itself will fit almost anyone as it is one of the largest hammocks on the market, but it is portable as well. It will field into a small, lightweight sack that you can easily carry. 

Hydro Flask Trail Series Ultra Light Bottle

Hydro Flask's legendary bottle has been a crowd favorite for some time now, and they did themselves one better when they came out with the 21-ounce Ultralight Titanium flask. It's 35% lighter than the older variety. The Ultralight bottle is the most lightweight vacuum sealed bottle you can buy, and with so many things to carry, it becomes a quality addition to any outdoor adventure product list. These flasks, however, don't come cheap, with the Ultralights costing a flat 100 bucks. If you want something more affordable, you can check out the Lightweight variety, which you will buy within 50 bucks.

Fly Fishing Rods & Reels

If you are going fly fishing, then you will need fly fishing rods and reels. There is no point otherwise. Now, if you are in the market for some rods and reels, then check out the following options to take on your next trip:

Ultralight FISHING ROD

Made out of 24T carbon fiber, this fishing rod was made with multi-graphite positioning technology to ensure lightweight and best strength. This Ultralight Fishing Rod is available in multiple sizes so that you can choose according to your needs. It comes with super-hard chrome plated single foot guide with an extra-large tip-top Minima stripping guides for corrosion resistance and smooth performance. The design is innovative with CNC machined cutaway reel seat with burl wood inserts for 61, 68, 76

Piscifun Fly Fishing Reel With CNC-Machined Aluminum Alloy Body

This fly reel is the number one option in the market, scoring a high 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,097 ratings. The Piscifun fly fishing reel comes with a 3-year warranty. It has a multi-disc cork and stainless steel drag system with a one-way clutch bearing to ensure smooth immediate drag engagement. You will get accurate click drag and silent retrieve with this aluminum-alloy body reel from Piscifun. It's a solid and lightweight option with a CNC-machined 6061-T6 designed for high-impact durability. 

While the large CNC hollow design ensures the reel itself remains lightweight. The Piscifun reel is hard anodized for surface protection with increased abrasion resistance and weather fastness. The reel was cold forged and tempered to provide superior strength and rigidity, making it a quality outdoor product that you should check out for your next fly fishing trip. 

Helle Kletten Knife

Throughout its 87 year history, Helle has been creating quality outdoor fixed-blade knives and has been a favorite for adventurers worldwide. Helle specializes in creating the knives you see on the Discovery Channel, where survivalists use them to start a fire or build a shelter. While the Kitten isn't explicitly made for survivalists, you can pretty much do anything you need it to do on an outdoor trip. The 2.1-inch drop-point blade is only Helle's third folding knife and the most EDC-worthy, and it retains its heritage with a fine curly birch handles.

Fishing Flies

Whether you are new to fly fishing or are a veteran, the need for new fishing fly kits is never gone. You can get a wide variety of fishing flies with each kit, which depends on your needs. If you are starting out, we suggest you go with a 36 or 70 fishing fly kit option. You will find all the essential flies in there. From Streamer Flies, Parachute Adams, Wooly Bugger, Shimmering Minnow, Nymph Flies, Elk Hair Caddis, and many others. However, if you are a bit more experienced, we suggest you check out the 80 flies kit. It has plenty of flies with various patterns and colors. 

You will find plenty of realistic-looking flies in the kit that include flies like the Popper, Squirmy Wormy, Caddis Nymph, Gnat, Ant Fly, Blood Midge, Scud, Pheasant Tail, Beadhead Caddis, and Beadhead Stonefly Nymph. That's not all. The 80pcs fishing flies kit comes inside a locked and loaded in a double-sided waterproof fly box to ensure maximum protection, and all the choices mean you can take flies that match the mood of the fish or conditions.

Landing Nets

You need landing nets when going on a fly fishing trip. That's pretty much a given. However, you can get different types of nets for your trip, which depends on the place you are going, the kinds of fish you will be catching, and their sizes. However, you can never go wrong with a 3.2FT length. It's made with high-quality Carbon Fiber mixed with fiberglass ensures the fishing net is solid and durable. 

The 3.2 FT landing net has a retractable aluminum pole and skid-resistant EVA handhold. While also bolstering waterproof and non-absorbent coating that prevents the net from waterlogging. The lightweight frame and packable size mean it's perfect for your next outdoor adventure, so make sure to check it out!

Find The Right Camping Products Online

So there you go, those are the 18 quality outdoor camping products you need to take on your next fly fishing trip. Now, we are not saying that you wouldn't need more. Ensure you know what you need, then buy them, and only after that should you head out for the wilderness. While knowing what you need may be easy, finding the right camping product store online isn't. That's where we come in. 

Our mission at the Big Aroha is to ensure you get the highest quality products at the most affordable rates. So if you need some quality outdoor gear, contact us, and we'll hook you up with some rad gear! And with that being, that's about all we have for you now. Let us know in the comments below how many of these products you have in your home. Also, send hit us up on our socials with pictures from your last fly fishing trip. Send us your thoughts and suggestions as well on what we should talk about next. We will come back soon with something new for you. Until then, see ya!