8 Awesome Ladies Who Shaped The History Of Cocktails

8 Awesome Ladies Who Shaped The History Of Cocktails

Happy women’s day to all the wonderful women out there! We believe in women’s rights and power, and that’s why today, we will be talking about something amazing. Surely, we love a cocktail drink once in a while. And also, cocktails have been around for centuries now. But do you know it’s the women who shaped the history of cocktails? You heard it correct, not men but women!

In the 18th century, it was the women who took care of wine mixing. They would often be involved in family distilleries as barmaids or mixologists and secretly work to create cocktails, margaritas, etc. Then a bunch of butthurt people posed questions about women working in the distilleries and decided that a bar is a no-go place for women. Working in the bar was considered a lowly job since women were discouraged from consuming booze and were shamed into doing so. Even now, in many parts of the world, drinking alcohol is still banned for women. So, this article is dedicated to the women who were taught that alcohol drinking is only a “guy thing”!

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we will talk about the badass women who influenced and contributed their skills and developed the cocktail men and women these days so thoroughly enjoy.

Valentine Goesaert & Anne Davidow

Speaking of fighting against the “new norm” Valentine Goesaert and Anne Davidow were the two women who fought for barmaids to be allowed to serve. Valentine Goesaert was a barmaid in Michigan in 1940 who fought to win back her right as a female bartender by trying to reacquire her bartending license. That’s when Valentine met Anne. Anne was a lawyer who took her case and gave the court a hard time. Unfortunately, they lost the case, but they created history through their strong efforts, attitude, and passion. Their efforts became an inspiration for other barmaids across Michigan. The court indeed failed Valentine but not for long because, in 1955, the Bartending Act against women was lifted off.

Ada Coleman

Ada Coleman was a popular female bartender both in her time and in history. Ada was given a position at Savoy Hotel’s as a head bartender, where she used to make cocktails for celebrities. Amongst many celebrities, Mark Twain, The Prince of Wales, Prince Wilhelm of Sweden, and Sir Charles Hawtrey were the notable ones. She was the flag-bearer for other female barmaids who wanted to pursue the bartending career as she was one of the first women recognized as a professional female bartender. Ada created the Hanky Panky drink, inspired by the actor Sir Charles Hawtrey who frequently visits the Savoy bar. This drink later became a signature drink in history because of the usage of Fernet Branca, a bitter Italian digestive.

Jennie Churchill

You might recognize Jennie Churchill as the mother of Winston Churchill. You may also recognize the Manhattan, no, not the city but the cocktail drink. The Manhattan is one of the world’s most popular cocktails that even appeared in TV shows and films like James Bond and Sex and the City. So what’s the co-relation between Jennie Churchill and The Manhattan? Well, she was the reason the drink exists.

In 1874, when Samuel J. Tilden won New York’s Gubernatorial Election, Jennie Churchill threw a lavish party at the Manhattan Club to celebrate the victory. The Manhattan made its debut at the party and earned its place in history forever.

Rita Hayworth, Margaret Sames & Marjorie King

We are a bit unsure who actually made the famous Margarita/Tequilla but what we know so far is that these three women have their fair share of contribution to the drink.

Rita Hayworth, also known as Margarita Carmen Cansino, inspired a barman in Tijuana to invent the cocktail based on her beauty. In 1938, in Tijuana, the cocktail Tequila was created as a tribute to a dancer named Marjorie King. On the other hand, some people claim that it was Margaret Sames who created Margarita herself in 1948. She shared her recipe with Conrad Hilton, who then served it in his hotel.

Audrey Saunders

And lastly, Audrey Saunders, the woman who revolutionized cocktails when the housemade cocktail ingredients become scarce. Audrey opened a club in New York called Pegu club, a bar where they mixed up classic cocktails using household ingredients to update the oldies and help these oldies make a revamped comeback! Now, using those household ingredients, you can even make cocktails at your own home.

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Final Thoughts

These were some awesome ladies who made your taste in cocktails richer and classier, not the men! Most of the famous cocktails we sip are either made or inspired by women. So, women bear an equal share of the wine and cocktail industry as men. So, we have to give their due credits for bringing the greatest drinks of all time.

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