8 Beautiful Glass Whiskey Decanter Sets That Will Steal Your Heart!

8 Beautiful Glass Whiskey Decanter Sets That Will Steal Your Heart!

You will never understand how gorgeous whiskey decanter sets are if you never owned one! These beautiful glass containers can act as a statement piece with your drink. Owning a decanter set can maximize the grace and pleasure of sipping your favorite wine, whiskey, or vodka. But decanters don’t only sit on the tabletop and look pretty. Good decanters should be easy to use and keep, lift or pour from. Your glassware should be durable and scratch-free. You should opt for lead-free decanters as they don’t stain from the alcohol. With that saying, let’s take a dive into all the options we have.

Handmade Whiskey Decanter With Wooden Holder

The decanter is made from 100% safe, lead-free crystal glass. The glass stopper is air-tight, which prevents your liquor from evaporating or changing the taste. The ship inside the decanter is the main attraction of this entire set. This is because it looks ethereal from outside, with or without the liquor poured into the decanter. The whiskey set includes 2 old-fashioned yet classy glasses with a crystal and heavy base. This decanter can hold up to 42 ounces of liquor. This decanter is for versatile usage, and hence you can pour in the whiskey, vodka, rum, or tequila, anything you want. 

Paksh Capitol Glass Decanter

One of the best budget decanters in the market is the Paksh Capitol decanter. Although it contains only 23.75 ounces, this decanter fits in hand and is very easy to handle. The plastic-tipped glass geometric stopper has a firm grip on the opening and keeps the taste of the drink fresh and smooth. This can make a perfect gift for your loved ones as the glass decanter has smooth sides to personalize with an engraving. The exquisite wine decanter is made up of thick and luminous Italian-crafted glass. 

Ravenscroft Buckingham Scotch Decanter Set

Ravenscroft Buckingham scotch decanter set comes with a stylish decanter and 4 single-malt scotch tumblers. They look a lot like those Scottish Glencairn glasses for whiskey and scotch. The unique shaped decanter jar has a narrow opening and a tight glass lid that retains the flavor and aroma of the whiskey without dulling it. This decanter can hold up to 30 ounces of liquor and can be easily cleaned.

Pistol Gun Liquor Decanter & Bullet Shot Glasses Set

Pistol Gun Liquor Decanter & Bullet Shot Glasses Set

Are you a gun enthusiast? Then you will love this unique pistol gun liquor decanter set. The decanter is just out of this world, but the glasses are stunning masterpieces. The glasses are designed with a bullet on them, which mimics the “bullet shot” pattern. The decanter is crafted by lead-free glass and fitted onto a mahogany-stained display stand to make the position firm and fall-resistant. It’s compact and portable, with only 11 ounces of capacity. It might not be the best for a huge party unless you have a few of these but great for two people or small parties. 

Paksh Novelty 7 Pieces Decanter & Glass Set

Another underrated gem from Paksh Novelty. We are at a loss for words when it comes to this intricately designed decanter and glass set. The set is crafted in Parma, Italy, from fine sands and free from lead. This affordable yet exquisite liquor decanter has that beautiful, classic diamond cut finish with distinctive light reflective starburst detailing. Perfect for any occasion and drinks, this set will surely bring all the looks and praises from your guest; that’s a guarantee. Make this 33.75 oz decanter, your friend!

Globe Shaped Whiskey Glass And Decanter Set

Another spectacular whiskey decanter and glass set that took our breath away! This cute decanter is a must-have for adventurers and globe-trotters. This beautiful collection of decanter is handcrafted with lavish designs. The decanter has a ship placed inside it and looks marvelous when you pour liquor inside. The set comes in 2 curved glasses with a world map stained on them. The decanter and the glasses are made from borosilicate, which is hypoallergenic. It’s BPA and lead-free; what more do you want? The size of the globe jar is 28oz, and the whiskey glasses are 10 oz.

Crystal Whiskey Decanter And Glass Set

The shape of the decanter somewhat mimics the shape of the round-bottom flask. However, the decanter looks more appealing than a round-bottom flask. The decanter and the glasses are made of high-quality crystal glass and comprise a taut stopper. This posh-looking decanter set will grace the corner of the room when you place them. The glasses are lead-free and made of solid materials. 

Nude Glass Malt Whiskey Bottle with Wooden Tray

This glass whiskey decanter set will take your liquor collections a few notches higher. This Turkish glass is handcrafted to give you that luxury feel. The soft but durable lead-free crystal glass is used to craft this decanter and its glasses. The design is created by a Finnish furniture designer Mikko Laakkonen which suits every era. The decanter has a 37.2-ounce liquor holding capacity with a sturdy, air-tight stopper.

A Few Words Of Advice

Cleaning the decanter shouldn’t be a problem. Use liquid dishwashing soap and scrub brush to scrub off dirt and stain. If you fear that scrubbing can put scratches, you can use warm water and vinegar and let it soak for twenty-thirty minutes. After the time is over, simply shake the solution and then wash and rinse it thoroughly.

Totally avoid using decanters with lead. Consuming liquor from lead decanters can be detrimental to your health. Your skin can absorb the lead and release the particles into the bloodstream, which even causes lead poisoning. Always buy lead-free decanters to be on the safe side because it’s better safe than sorry. For lead-free decanters, check out the decanter section of our website. That’s it for today. We will catch you with a new one. Bye!