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4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

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  • 8GB US Data & 1.1GB initial Global Data: This 4G mobile hotspot comes with 1.1GB global data. As for 8GB US Data, please offer us the device's IMEI number to redeem the data.
  • Double Your Data with the Same Price: GlocalMe MiFi 6G USA data package used to be $35.99, now you can get 12 GB in total for $35.99. 12GB used to be $59.99, now you will get 24GB in total with $59.99, as low as $2.49/1G.
  • Perfect Stay-at-home/travel gadget: Global coverage in 140+ countries and regions. SIM-card free. Fast and stable 4G internet at a maximum speed of 150 Mbps download/50 Mbps upload. We offer 24/7 online support to keep you connected and entertained. Check our official website for detailed coverage. Up to 5-devices can be added at once.
  • Intelligent Network Selection: It will connect the best local network automatically, no more network congestion issues. It also provides a reliable and ultra-fast 4G Internet. It works for 15-hours with a 3900mAh battery which can also recharge your smartphone on the road.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
L. Araiza
Will Not Leave Home Without It!

The GlocalMe is a lifesaver for me. I travel to Brazil and Thailand frequently and previously I would always return with a high phone bill and frustration because of a lack of wi-fi on my travels. GlocalMe changed all that. After renting another brand I tried the old G3 unit and it worked great. I have now upgraded to the G4 and it works great also. My standard plan is to buy a small data pack to get me through the first day and when in Brazil I will go to the local Claro office and get a sim card. In Thailand I go to the local AIS office and get a sim card. Both work great and give me fast and reliable Wi-Fi that I can use with my iPhone and iPad. I have recommended it to two of my friends who have bought one also. Highly recommend.A note on the battery. On the older G3 the battery was huge so it would last longer and could be used to charge the phone but with the new slimmer model (which I just love as I can slip into my pocket) the battery is so much smaller so you really can't use it to charge your phone as it will drain it fast. But the unit does last all day on a single charge which is great.I really wish people such as BoxWave and Outterbox would make cases and screen protectors for the G4.

Excellent Hotspot

The G4-Pro works flawlessly and monitors the GB Data remaining. At a hotel, I turn it on standing outside the room to get the best connection, then lean it against the room window and the connection holds. Previously I used the U2S-4G hotspot, but forgot to unplug it for a week after it had a full charge, and the battery no longer worked. So don't leave it plugged in after a full charge.

This item is worth the money!!!!!

I was not sure at first but once I got it my o ternera was super fast. I was able to stream on my phone on my tv. I’m gonna be a daily user since I’m too lazy to get wifi, I’d wish it took less gigs of data per minute but I got unlimited so I guess I’m still covered haha. It’s awesome and since I’ve been an Apple supporter all my life I can actually say that GlocalMe’s production is easy to use and really cool to use.

B. Rickenbach
Game Changing Device!

I don’t always take time to write reviews, but I know that they drive many of my decisions on how I spend my money or products I am contemplating purchasing.This product has made working from home so much more efficient. We live in a very rural location in the Midwest and the internet is extremely slow. Every click on my work computer took a minimum of 2 minutes to load the next screen and often dropped my VPN connection causing even more delays.This hot spot allows me to accomplish my work in the allotted time, doesn’t drop my connection and eliminated my having to drive to the worksite to close up what I couldn’t get done on my home network.Definitely worth the money to avoid the headache of slow internet! No contract required. Easy Data reload process. I couldn’t be happier.

Dariusz Sander
Very good and probably the best in this type of products ��

It’s my 2nd modem from Glocalme (first was G3). Nice upgrade regarding from 1st product . Tested and working around the world (I’m a Merchant Marine Master). Highly recommended