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Fishing Rod - 4 Pieces - Multiple Lengths Available

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  • High Balancing Performance: The customized burl wood insert in the reel seat provide high balancing performance rather than aluminum insert like other brands.
  • Super Light and Sturdy: 30+36T Carbon fiber blank construction makes the rod at least a 20% increase in strength and at least 20% lighter in weight.
  • Widely Used in Freshwater or Saltwater: 4wt slow action suitable for small trout and sunfish in small streams. 5wt medium action suitable for general trout in larger streams and rivers (a universal size for beginners).
  • Travel Friendly: Super compact, all in 4 pieces, very easy to transport with safe storage, and a durable PVC rod tube (only 31.5 in length).

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Changzheng Liu
It's great

It's light weight and value for money.

Scott Schiefelbein
A terrific starter pole for a new fly fisher

Fly fishing rods are like wine - once you get to a certain level of quality, part-timers and newbies like me really can't tell the difference while experts can wax poetic about subtle nuances and variations.This Goture fly rod is a terrific entry level rod. The 9-foot 4-piece rod comes in a convenient travel case, although be warned that this is just for the rod itself, not for your reel, your lures, or your other tackle - you will need to figure out other storage systems. The rod assembles easily, fitting snugly and without any locking mechanisms or anything.Fly rods are flexible beasts designed to whip through the air, and this rod has a nice bounce to it. (If you have combative little ones in the house, keep this out of their reach or you'll find one of them swatting the other with it.) I don't think you'll be taking this rod to Kamchatka to land 80-pound taimen, but if you're going for any reasonably sized fish this will do just fine even though the rod is ridiculously light. The rod also has a very comfortable cork grip that is easy to hold on to even after getting soaked.The price at $50 is pretty darn good for an entry level rod. Like golf, fly fishing can be an expensive addiction, so finding good values is key. The Goture rod qualifies.

James M.
I have fished $1000 rods that I found less impressive than this rod!

I have been fly fishing for 30 years and my father taught me how to fish on rods with names like sage, loomis, orvis and I am very impressed with this rod. I haven’t taken it fishing yet but the action is perfect! The cork handle is is good quality. The aluminum real seat looks to be good quality. The only thing that looks a little cheap is the material between is the section between where the reel attaches to the cork handle. My only concern is if I ever get into a large fish that it might not be durable enough but I guess I will see.

Goture fly rod fills a nitch for the dedicated fly fisherman

Goture has made a good fly rod for the dedicated fly fisherman. The fit and finish for this rod is good to very good for a mass-produced rod. The handle and seat are top quality, the double up-locking seat, wood seat, and handle are comparable to some of my husband's more expensive rods. The snake foot guides and are finished in a matte color which goes good with the black and gold wraps and medium brown finish. This is definitely a good looking rod out of the box.But looks are not everything on a fly rod, performance is what rods are about. The action on this rod is slow and soft which for a 4 wt rod can be desirable for certain situations. My husband spooled this rod up with a three weight line, a 7 ft 6x leader & 4 ft 7x tippet, and a magnesium light weight reel and used it for presenting size 20 and smaller dry flies on smaller creeks. The soft action and slow speed of the rod using this configuration makes the most delicate presentations possible, and this rod does this very well. Once a fish is on, the rod has enough backbone to get it to net quickly. Overall, this is a rod that performs at the task it was designed for, and performs it well.

Logan S
Dream cast with nice slow action.

I have only landed one fish. But that’s not the rods fault. I have to say I’m very impressed this rod cast amazing and has a nice slow action. It has a beautiful brown coloring to it and cast like a dream. I highly recommend giving this rod a chance. I really think most products in fly shops are selling names not rods. I’ve used them and they are still good rods but for 1/4 the price this rod is a no brainer. And on top of that it’s so if your not happy with the rod return it. I was given a small discount to try this brands product.Update: 9/18/20202Today I landed the second biggest fish on this rod. Fight was about 2 1/2 minutes. 17inch Rainbow out of the Colorado. The rod did amazing. Never once was I worried about it snapping this rod. The build quality is amazing and I’d recommend it to any one. I’ll include a few more pictures.