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Fishing Rod - 4 Pieces - Multiple Lengths Available

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  • ULTRALIGHT SUPER COMPACT FLY RODS: The ultra-light freshwater fly rods are available in multiple sizes.
  • FAST ACTION SUPERB PRESENTATION: Blanks are all made of attractive red finish 100% 24T carbon fiber. The multi-graphite positioning technology to achieve lightweight and best strength. 
  • PREMIUM COMPONENTS: We use a super hard chrome plated single foot guide with an extra-large tip top. Minima stripping guides for corrosion resistance and smooth performance. The latest design CNC machined cutaway reel seat with burl wood inserts for 61, 68, 76. 

Customer Reviews

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Florina Willette
Honest Buy

4 Pieces could be 2

Suzanne D.
Well worth the money!

I got this for my husband. It is exactly what he wanted for fishing small streams. Compact and light enough to carry in a backpack.

Superior Cheap 2 Fly Rod

I know why you’re reading this review. You think you’re gonna fish tiny streams enough to justify purchasing a 2 weight fly rod but you’re too cheap to go for a name brand. Lemme tell you, I was not once, but twice where you are now.Where you’re currently standing, there are exactly two decent options to choose from: this Aventik and the MAXIMUMCATCH rod. I’ve purchased and used both and lemme just say, for the most part you’re in the right place.At the start of this year after frequenting a local wild rainbow trout stream, I decided to forgo my 6 weight for a more apt rod in the conditions but being a broke college kid, I didn’t wanna spend money. I made the rash decision of going with the MAXIMUMCATCH model. That rod was fine. Not great but fine. It was insanely light but the flex was just garbage. You needed to get like 15’ of casting line out to get any good control and how often are you shooting for a target 25’ away with a 2 weight? The up side was the case was great. The rod fit snuggly inside and it weighs like 8oz.Sadly, on a trip I leaned it against a tree and I just barely bent shin into it when I was reaching down to grab the tippet and it snapped. Maybe 5lbs of pressure max. I was then in the market for a new rod.Luckily, I knew there was another option that I could go with: this Aventik 2 weight. I went online and grabbed this one. Right off the bat, the case was massive. Like 4 times wider and heavier than it needed to be. It’s like 3lbs of case for an 8 oz rod. Luckily, it fit in my old MAXIMUMCATCH case! So ideal.It looked good be of decent construction and pretty solid overall.Finally I took it on a fishing trip and I will say, in my opinion, it seriously outcompetes the MAXIMUMCATCH rod.It’s much more flexible and casts with far more precision and accuracy. Definitely a superior stream rod. I had no trouble casting for and landing a handful of fun little wild ‘bows. It’s great for flickin tiny little dry flies. I can comfortably cast it about 40’ within about a 3’ radius of where I want. (As opposed to about 80+’ on my 6 weight)I have no idea how it’ll be as far as durability goes but it cannot be worse than the other rod.With these tiny rods, you can’t expect them to last a lifetime but I have faith that this will get the job done. It’s nice to use and a great choice of rod for the price.

Great Value!

For the price, this thing is rad.Obviously, I could use improvements in certain aspects.... but it’s inexpensive, and works! Made catching little 6-8 in creek trout a blast!!

A Widow's Son
Fly Rod

For me this is a joy to fish with. Small and compact awesome for small freshwater fish.