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GPS Tracker - With A Keychain Lanyard

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  • Tracking, Alerts, and Smart Notifications: Revolutionary technology works outdoors with GPS+GSM and indoors with Wi-Fi. When indoors, the tracker listens to nearby Wi-Fi routers MAC ID, matching IDs to Google's Wi-Fi database for accurate location. Google panoramic street view where the device is. Get real-time alerts when the tracker crosses a Geo-fence zone that you designate. Receive SOS, low battery, speeding, start moving alerts via App notification, SMS, or email. 5-years of map route history reports.
  • MONTHLY FEE: Just like a cellphone a tracker needs a data connection using the cellular network. MONTHLY FEE of $19.95 is required or prepaid long term payment plans of 16.60, 13.95, $9.95 for unlimited usage tracking worldwide and. With unlimited distance, no roaming fees, and no hidden fees. LIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE: 7 days live phone US-based technical experts support + live-chat on the Tracki website. 

Customer Reviews

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Maribel Delcid
Excellent customer service

The only issues I have had thus far have been, the signal is not strong enough when there are buildings around. Also, the battery life is short, as the vehicle it is located in is always on the move. I had trouble purchasing more SMS messages online, so I called customer service and spoke with Steven. Steven provided excellent customer service. He was very attentive and actually listened to me and helped me with my concerns. He has a great attitude and exemplary customer service skills. Being in customer service myself I understand how difficult it can be at times. Steven did a great job and his positive attitude changed my problem into a wonderful experience. This world needs more people like Steven.

Brent conklin
Great little tracker and friendly customer service

I purchased three of these trackers to help monitor my luggage while I moved. The app is easy enough to use and the trackers are small and lightweight. I’ll be turning the trackers on and off as I travel so they’re nice to have on hand. They’re even small enough I might attach one to my drone in case I ever need to track it down. I think these would also be great as a way to track bicycles or anything else that might wonder away. I talked to AJ to turn the tracking subscription back on and off as needed and the customer service is great. If you’re looking for a easy to use GPS tracker with a great company backing it up, this is the one.

Great Product

I found this easy to install, setup and use. It worked well. I gave it a 4 star for battery life but I was using the larger bought seperate battery. The smaller original would be ok for shorter periods. I liked the phone app for keeping taps on the location, it worked well. I used this as a backup to the one that I had installed in the computer port. When the operator 'accidentally' removed that GPS then this one kept me informed as it wa easy to hide in my vehicle. The case is good. Magnets hold really well. I had no problems.Customer service (Lucus) was helpful as well as polite. I would use this product again when the need arises.

Must buy

So I hardly right reviews but this little guy is pretty neat. I brought it to build a case up against my husband to use in our divorce and this has been spot on with his location. I have it set for 30 mins intervals however when he leaves I just manually ping him. Last night I thought he found it and threw it in the woods since he was at a gas station for almost 2 hours. So I drove out to rhe location and started pinging it to find it long ans behold after I got done looking in the grass I looked across the street and there he was. At the gas station. He never found it!

K. Potts

I purchased the Tracki Device back in December 2019 and have been using it for quite some time and I can honestly say this is a great device for tracking my car. I have kids that use my car and the Tracki device alerts me if they are speeding, where they are and when my car starts moving again. It also eases fears of theft, because the device is very discreet (i place it behind the rear headrest) and it goes undetected. The only con I have is that you do have to charge it once a week. I usually take it out in the evening, charge it overnight and then put it back so that it always has a charge.