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Reversible Dog Jacket - Multiple Colors & Sizes Available

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  • Reversible & Reflective - Keep your dog cozy during colder months. Equipped with reflective piping for nighttime visibility
  • Water Resistant & Lightweight - Athletic fit to keep your dog warm without overheating.
  • Wear Over Harness - The jacket has a leash access zipper opening for complete access to the dog's harness.
  • Size & Fit - Large fits dogs with neck 22, chest 30-39, and back 22.5. Please see the size chart.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lightweight and comfortable

Love this jacket!! My little guy’s coat absorbs and holds water so easily, so when he gets wet in the snow, he gets cold fast. So far so good! Great, comfortable fit. He measures a 27” chest, 18” length and 16” neck and the medium fits GREAT! There’s a Velcro closure on the bottom so that seems to be adjustable for smaller chested dogs. Not too heavy and he stays comfortable even indoors. Highly recommend!

My dog needs a sweater now.

As an owner of a 13 1/2-year-old cockapoo, I found him often cold and chilled. Yes, we keep our house a little cooler in general during the fall, winter, and spring months. After confirming with the vet that he doesn't have a fever and his WBC was normal with his check-up, I had to break down to buy a "grandpa" sweater for him. It fits him well as this fleece is adjustable around his body and his neck. Buy this fleece sweater. If you measure correctly, it will fit as it is adjustable.

Polly Mcfarland
Purchase of Kurgo Chilli Red Outdoor Coat

I recently took my Beagle for her regular 2 1/2 mile fast walk when the temperature was in the 20's and felt very guilty when she returned home vigorously shivering. So I came home and ordered this coat. Took her out the next day at 22 degrees and she never showed signs of being cold at all. She doesn't wear a collar, but wears a harness. I was very pleased to see the slit between the shoulders of the coat right where I hitched up to her collar and her tags were outside and visible as well. It has a smallish hole for the head which slipped on easily but didn't leave a lot of space go let the cold in. Covers her chest and tummy as much as possible too. I could tell she liked it because she never tried to shake it off. A VERY superior product!! THANK YOU!!!

Well made and resists burrs

We have purchased a couple of these for our cold blooded pooch. I like the fact that it extends all the way down her back and she is comfortable with the process of putting it on and off. Sizing seems a little generous in that our dog is a wiry 54 pounds and stands maybe 18 inches at the shoulder but requires a large in this brand. Not plush or fleecy but rather a somewhat stiff tight weave fabric. It softens with age and Washing but I like that because it doesn’t collect burrs and other debris. Others may prefer something a little more sweater-like. Good purchase.

Fits my barrel-chested dog like a dream.

My dog is impossible to fit. He has an XL dog chest and a medium dog length body. Sizing things for him often ends up going past his rear, dragging on the floor, not fitting or fastening over his chest or going over his head, not on the size chart, etc. Jackets buckle where he pees on them, he steps out of clothing inside...it's been five years of trying to find something to keep him warm when he gets chilly inside.That search is officially over. This sweater is perfection. The medium fits exactly like expected both in the chest and the body. It's shaped beautifully to follow his lines along the body so he won't pee on it if he wears it outside and the weight is perfect for either indoor or outdoor use.Thank you, Kurgo!!! We have a ton of Kurgo gear, and this is just what we expected.