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GPS Tracker - Smart Dog Collar - Black & Violet

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  • GPS & Activity Tracking - Always know the exact location of your best friend with precise GPS. Track how far they roam, how much they play, and what routes are their favorites using our companion app and your mobile device.
  • Customizable Geofence Zones - Use the app to trace safety zones around your yard or favorite park, and get instant alerts when your dog has gone outside those limits. This product requires 2G service and will not work overseas or evidently in the Virgin Islands.
  • 2-Way Audio - Stay connected with your dog from anywhere. With 2-way audio you can call them home, reassure them when you are away, and hear them respond, giving both you and your dog peace of mind even when you are apart.
  • Water Resistant & One Size - Do not worry about your dog taking a quick dip, this smart dog collar is water-resistant up to 3-feet. This collar is designed for medium to large-sized dogs and will fit a 15-21-inch neckline.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love the calling ability of this collar!!!!

I LOVE the ability to call my dog's collar on the phone. Usually just the ring alone scares her and she runs home!!! I can talk to her if I want to and that's nice. I was away from home the other day and I noticed on my phone that she was near the highway( where she knows she's not supposed to go) so I called her collar and I could see her run back to the back yard. The GPS is not always accurate, but the ability to call her has made me buy a backup collar just in case I need it. The tracker came off the collar so I went to the hardware store and bought 2 small bolts with washers and nuts and it seems to be working great. She's very rough when she's playing with other dog's!!! I will definitely keep buying this collar for her!!!!!!

Prays Answered, Love my collar

This product is the answer to all of the dog owners prayers. My dog is an adventurer and loves going to steal my neighbor's dogs bones that he frequently tosses outside when he brings his dog out. Unfortunately, the neighbor really did not socialize its dog so it is not the friendliest and has attempted to bite my dog unsuccessfully. I am not a fan of tying my dog up or electrically shocking her either to keep her in my yard and this geo-fence thing is a quick and simple fix to maintain control of my dog when she is feeling rather "adventurous." She can freely roam my yard, I do not have to constantly keep an eye on her, and there is no electricity or harsh techniques used to keep her in the area.Activity tracking and two-way audio are an awesome thing to have. You can track your dog's activity levels when you are not home and see if s/he is just laying around all day or being a little active. Using the audio you can give your pup a quick call and get them excited/moving. This is also huge for separation anxiety dogs have when their owners leave for the day, drop in and get their tail wagging.The hardware is tough and reliable and the software is quick and easy to use. The battery lasts long enough and charging is no hassle at all, no more bothersome than charging your phone.

barbara pepper
Easy to use love 2 way audio!

Don't know yet on battery life. Love the 2 way audio. So far it freaks him out and he sits down. If he does that when he gets out I will be able to catch up and retrieve him.

Customer support is courteous, caring and fast.

I use it to track my dog. I am satisfied with the way it works. The customer support is excellent. I needed a little help in setting it up and couldn’t be happier with the rapid response for help.

Find your dog if lost

Both of my dogs recently got lost in the woods. I found one dog a day later, but the other was lost, hungry for five days. Never again! This collar will allow me to find them if they wander and get lost again. A Godsend!