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Wireless Travel Router - Black

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  • OVER 150+ COUNTRIES GLOBAL COVERAGE - 29-Band 4G network frequency allows it to connect to the local network. The device must be activated before use.
  • Device purchase comes with FREE UNLIMITED US 50GB 4G LTE Data for 30- days ($200 dollar Value, after 50GB, speed reduced to 128 kbps) and 3GB Global data for 30-days. The device must be activated on our website. It will not work with your own sim without the proper activation.
  • Mighty Wifi Mobile App available on Google Play and Apple App Store - Download the APP to keep track of your data usage and instantly recharges while you are on the move. The router can connect up to 5-devices.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Bruce Schwiesow
Highly satisfied

Good quality.Easy to get the device started.Took a little bit at first to find a good signal.But I do live about 9 miles from a tower.I would advise not to watch too many YouTube videos,as they seem to eat up your GB quick!It is very simple to re-up your GB package.I am highly satisfied with this product,and service.Good Bang for your Buck.

b stockberger
Good signal

For someone who doesn't have a good internet source this machine is a lifesaver

Duane Nelson
Powerful hotspot / internet

Excellent product. Will recommend for anybody who is looking for an internet hotspot.

Worth the money for sanity

Did a long distance road trip so worth the money to not hear the kids argue the whole way there and back

Amazing, Worked Exactly as Promised in the USA

Because of Covid I haven't been able to test international yet but I am REALLY impressed by the functionality in the USA. I took a road trip in an RV from east coast to west coast. I had a steady and good signal through every state. Was especially surprised by maintaining access not only while cruising down the road, but also in some pretty small podunk towns in Oklahoma and Texas. After 30 days I didn't use anywhere near the 300GB (to my surprise working 8 hours every day AND with multiple devices and streaming media) so a mid-range monthly plan would be a great option (100-200 GB or something). It's great they changed the 100 GB plan to 300 but they should have added it rather than replacing it. Anyway, not a deal breaker. And the customer service is phenomenal: quick and personal. Highly recommended and I can't wait to try it overseas.