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Wireless Travel Router - White

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  • Travel-Sized Design: Conveniently small and light to pack and take on the road, creating a Wi-Fi network via Ethernet
  • Dual-Band AC750 Wi-Fi Strong, a fast connection for HD streaming on all your devices.

Customer Reviews

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John M.
Great product, excellent coverage, strong signal.

Added this device to our limited hot spot which allowed us to have more devices attached and share the laser and ink jet printers. Very small, compact and light but has a strong signal of Wi-Fi on both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies. Good buy.

Ashutosh Pani
Good product with good form factor and good features at a good prie

2.4 ghz range is great. 5 ghz signal radius is a bit small but honestly for its size, the product and its features are incredible. Really happy with it. It does what it says really well.

Tiny, cute, very simple wifi router with capabilities of it's big brothers.

A small square box in white colour. It's design is pleasing. On your table it will look elegant.Extremely easy to set up. Just watch the tutorial video on YouTube. One of my offices is at basement. Mobile network is very poor there. I use an app on my phone that needs constant connection. It was a real headache. One day i noticed a lan port just beside my table. I got an idea. Now with this wifi router my problem got solved. Connection is stable & fast. But i didn't check the range of wifi as it serves my purpose fully. Excellent product.

Serves it purpose

A friend turned me onto this item. The main reason is that my work/g-computer has a VPN and I can't connect to a hotel wifi with it because I can't accept the hotel terms, as in entering my name and room number. This item solves that problem because you connect directly to it with a password like a standard router. It is also very useful to connect a roku, apple TV, or anything else you need to connect to and not use hotel login.Now the set-up and connection.... is simple yet can be complicated. If you follow the steps, it seems to be simple, but half the time I have no idea how it is working, you will see.Short answer, if you have a computer that has a VPN that you can't get through a hotel login, this will solve that problem and is a huge life saver.

Edward D. Reagan
A perfect solution for running more than 10 devices on my Verizon hot spot.

A perfect solution for running more than 10 devices on my Verizon hot spot, since it is capped at 10 devices on a 4G LTE and 5 devices on a 3G connection.